Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Party Animals Jumping Castle Video


Andrew said...

Hi Donn
Thanks for putting the video on your blog. It was a bit of an experiment, and kind of showed me that most of my franchisees are not familiar with the technology around video clips or of flash plug-ins Etc. On the other hand the younger generations are quite comfortable with it so again I am trying to be ahead of the game. I plan to have a competition on my site: http://www.fun4partyanimals.com

Teenages will be offered a prize to come up with the best "jumping castle" related video clip, created on their cell phones. We will post the best examples on the site and see what we get. I have also now made the video on our home page go through to a video page that has embeded video, plus it warns about using a dial up :-)

(owner of Party Animals Jumping Castles)

Anonymous said...

Hey There, thnx for posting the vid, and more off thnx for the suggetions, this is the first vid of many to come so keep the comments coming , they all help... thnx


Anonymous said...

Oh, and if anyone else is interested in having a video made or have suggetions for one, contact me at, ianmorrison777@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

Cool video cant wait to see what's next, think this is a great idea especially with life being as technological it is today.

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