Monday, June 26, 2006

Less is More

"A fundamental notion in business is to outdo and go one better than the competition. Jason Fried (37 Signals) delves into the competitive advantage of doing less, suggesting that people start thinking about 'under-doing' each other to beat the competition in this era of simple applications. He presents arguments against conventional business building practices and proposes scaling down on money, staff, and product features to make time more valued and productive.
Time management comes to the forefront as Fried outlines a time frame that revolves around the functional customer experience. His presentation accentuates the reality that, while in any business there are a million simple problems to solve, simplicity remains the key."

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Catmoves said...

For some very strange (to me, anyway) reasons, software companies have entered the "give 'em more than they ask for" phase of their existence. They've become the auto industry of the internet.
When I need a program that does A and B, why in the world would I want it do C, D, E and F?
And why should I have to pay for this unwanted bloat on my computer? To help their company survive? I couldn't care less whether they survive or not if they can't or won't meet my needs. Very few of the programs classed as "free" do this.
Guess what my main downloads are?