Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sony Sued for Shipping CDs with Malware

From Paul Thurrot's Wininfo: "If you thought that Sony's rootkit CD fiasco couldn't get any worse, you apparently forgot about the lawyers. This week, two major lawsuits were filed against Sony for its decision to include malware on audio CDs sold to consumers. The suits, filed separately by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) digital rights advocacy group and the Texas attorney general, accuse Sony of violating consumer rights and trading in malicious software. I can't stress my opinion here strongly enough: Sony should be strung up by its corporate petard for this, and if we're lucky--really lucky--this event will convince this silly, stupid company to stop screwing over consumers in a lame bid to over-protect its ailing music business. Sony is an embarrassment."

They make software like.no.other™ (oh, the bitter irony), but you can remove it quite easily without having to download any more of their buggy software.

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